KARACHI (Reuters) - The State Bank of Pakistan said on Wednesday it had received $500 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), receipt of which would be booked for the 2008/09 financial year that ended on Tuesday. The ADB said last week it would lend Pakistan that amount to promote macroeconomic stability and to help fund a social welfare programme for the poor. We have received $500m from the ADB and it will be accounted for June 30, said Syed Wasimuddin, chief spokesman of the SBP. The loan amount will be reflected in data on foreign exchange reserves to be released on July 9, not in figures due on Thursday. Pakistans forex reserves rose by $130m in the week ending June 20, to $11.77b. Of the loans total, $150m will go to the Benazir Income Support Programme, a cash transfer programme focusing on poor women, named after assassinated ex-PM Benazir. The remaining $350m will be allocated to help the government remove subsidies and to implement market-based prices for wheat and electricity. Scrapping subsidies is one of the conditions attached to an emergency $7.6 billion loan Pakistan took out from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last November to avert a balance-of-payments crisis.