UNITED NATIONS-With the security situation in Afghanistan deteriorating, Pakistan has called for promoting internal solutions to the 'numerous and daunting challenges faced by the war-torn country since they (the challenges) are of internal origin. 'Any comprehensive strategy, devised to address these challenges, must enjoy full ownership of the Afghan people and continued support of the international community, particularly the neighbouring countries, Acting Pakistan Ambassador Farukh Amil told the UN Security Council on Tuesday. 'Use of military force alone cannot deliver, he said in a debate on the situation in Afghanistan. 'Resultant civilian casualties have been a major cause of alienation. It would be worthwhile to focus less on military operations and devote more energy on protecting populations and securing areas. He called for less focus on military operations and highlighted protecting populations and securing areas to promote peace in Afghanistan. 'Afghanistan is standing at the cross-roads of the history, Amil said. He said the absence of State authority beyond some major cities, lack of good governance, rampant corruption and economic hardships were shattering the peoples confidence about the govts ability to provide protection and better conditions of life. An increase in civilian casualties was further fuelling public grievances against foreign forces. That was a major impediment to winning Afghan hearts and minds. Having suffered decades of war and civil strife, its challenges were numerous and daunting, he added. It was time to end that vicious cycle, but there was no magic wand to turn the devastation of decades into development overnight, he said. 'The absence of a comprehensive strategy had prevented significant gains in peace consolidation and achievement of stability. 'We must move from the hitherto fragmented and piecemeal approach to tackle these formidable challenges and mount an integrated response fully owned and led by the Afghan people with the support of the international community, he said. The parameters of a sustainable solution should also include a comprehensive regional approach, he said, adding that, apart from Afghanistan itself, no other country had a more vital stake in peace, security and prosperity in that country than his own. He further said that Pakistan had suffered directly from the ongoing instability in Afghanistan. Peace in that country was essential for the tranquility and development of Pakistans own border regions, and Pakistan was, therefore, firmly committed to helping the Afghan govt and the international coalition in restoring security and bringing stability to Afghanistan, he added. Most of the nearly 30 speakers in the debate agreed on the need to define the contours of a comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan. Ambassador Amil said partnerships with regional States, as well as the international community, remained key to sustainable peace and development.