ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani Wednesday in Cabinet meeting constituted a special committee comprising Federal Ministers for Labour and Manpower, Privatisation, Industries, Information and Broadcasting and Advisors on Finance and Petroleum to give recommendations on how to address power crisis in the country. While briefing the media on Cabinet meeting, Federal Information Minister, Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the committee would work out on alternative plans to meet energy crisis in the country, particularly it would give recommendations on how to address the situation having arisen due to the mechanical fault in Mangla Hydro Power Station. The committee will propose interim arrangements till the Mangla Power Station is repaired which will take 4 to 5 days, he said adding that the Prime Minister had also directed the Federal Minister for Water and Power to end unscheduled load-shedding in the country. The Minister said that the first meeting of the committee would be held on Wednesday evening and after that recommendations would be forwarded to the Prime Minister. Kaira said that the Cabinet had approved imposition of 25% regulatory duty on import of maize saying the step by the government would restore confidence of local farmers in the production of maize. The Information Minister also informed that under the bilateral trade agreement with China bilateral free trade between both the countries would be promoted and under the agreement merchants from both the countries would be facilitated in each country and employment opportunities would also be created for Pakistani youth. The Cabinet also directed the Ministers of Finance, Commerce and Privatisation for inter-ministerial consultations to further improve the agreements, he stated. Kaira further stated that the Federal Cabinet had directed PASCO to procure 15,000 tonnes of Gram on market floating rates to meet the public demand of the crop in the upcoming month of Ramazan. The Cabinet meeting also approved in principle to initiate negotiations for visa abolition agreements between the Government of Pakistan and the Governments of Poland and Chile for diplomatic and official passport holders and also approved signing of visa abolition agreement between the Government of Pakistan and the Government of UAE for Diplomatic and Official passport holders, said the Information Minister. The Minister said that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had asked the Ministers and Federal Secretaries to review the new budget of their respective departments and ensure that the allocated funds were spent in line with the financial rules and regulations. Kaira said that the Prime Minister issued orders to all the Federal Secretaries to ensure proper system of maintenance and reconciliation of their accounts on a monthly basis with the Accountant Generals office. The Prime Minister said that these measures would help in curtailing re-appropriation, supplementary grants or excess expenditure at the end of the financial year, said the Information Minister. He said that the Prime Minister had also taken a serious notice of the political influence being used by a number of government servants by approaching Members of the National and Provincial Assemblies, and directed the government servants that they were not allowed to approach Members of Parliament in any matter as per Rule 19 of the Conduct Rules, 1964. The Prime Minister further directed that all those officers violating this rule will be dealt with strictly and action shall be taken against them under Removal from Service Ordinance and the Conduct Rules, said Kaira. He said that Premier Gilani had also asked the Cabinet Members to ensure strict implementation of the directive. He said that the Prime Minister told the Cabinet that operation in the troubled areas was going on satisfactorily and the morale of the armed forces was high as they enjoyed full support of every patriotic Pakistani. In the Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister also said that a 27-member Special Committee of the Parliament on Constitutional Reforms had been formed which would revisit the controversial 17th Amendment so that parliamentary democracy could be further strengthened, said the Minister. He said that in the Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister also lauded the historic win of Pakistan Cricket Team.