THIS tiger may look like it is lunching on a lion but the big cats are only cooling down as they cool off at a Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo in Jiangsu, China. Lions and tigers are not ususally kept in cages together. However both big cats will use water to cool down and were seen playfulling nuzzling in a lake at the zoo in Jiangsu, China. Tigers love water and are often seen in lakes and pools in the wild. Lions from Africa tend to cool down in the shade rather than find a pool but will take advantage of the water when it is available. Both big cats are capable swimmers. Lions will only swim when they have to but tigers are strong swimmers and often found in water. The pictures were released as part of a series showing animals cool down in hot climates around the world. A baby ape was also shown taking a bath at Hefei Wildlife Zoo in China. Located in Hongshan Forest Park, Hongshan Zoo is the biggest zoo in Jiangsu Province, lying in the north of Nanjing city. It has pandas, elephants, lions, tigers, deer and birds. DT