This refers to the article 'Democratic Etiquette by Dr Haider Mehdi. I think it is time we moved beyond lamenting the sorry state of Pakistan leadership. All it does is create disillusionment, bad morale and loss of faith. It is we who put these people there where they are and it is our responsibility to find ways and means to prevent them from doing what they do. The fact is that even when some individuals or institution, like the Supreme Court, try to take up the cudgels on our behalf, we cant find the courage to lend them support. We are the architects of our own misery and it is we who have to review and reform our attitudes if there is to be a change for the good. Giving vent to impotent anguish and throwing pieces of gratuitous advice in the wind would get us nowhere. The least we can do is organise ourselves into groups and try to raise a voice collectively. If we cant even do this much for ourselves, is it any wonder that usurpers abound and bad things continue to get worse? -K. HUSSAN ZIA, Canada, June 30.