In recent years, the residential areas of Karachi have been encroached by business offices and shops set in unlawful buildings and the so-called 'wedding lawns. The reasons are obvious: residential areas are cheaper despite their adequate infrastructure and lack of tax issues. The option available to the affected resident is to approach the court for a stay order but would that work in our country? The parties setting themselves up in illegal activities are often influential and resourceful enough to afford best of lawyers and their resources hold up while patience and pocket of the affected residents wears out in long-drawn court cases. Thus, residents seeking peace choose not to act when the big time encroachers move in. That is the case in the residential area of Gulstan-e-Johar, Karachi in block 15 on the main road adjacent to a popular bakery along the hillside. A long line of 'wedding lawns have cropped up recently on this road, each situated in less than a minutes walk away from the other. Undoubtedly, this business activity in a residential area is illegal. But the 'lawns are located at the back of residential houses. That is also the reason why they are such a major nuisance for residents because the smoke of their daily BBQ is the pollution resident get in the bargain. The roads of this area also get blocked rather often due to lack of parking. But the foremost problem is the loud music that keeps blaring every night. I appeal to the authorities to stop illegal 'wedding lawns from operating in this area and put a halt to construction of a new one that is under way at the time of writing. About time media also paid some attention to this ever growing menace to Karachis civic life. -M. SHEHRYAR AHMED, Karachi, June 29.