ISLAMABAD Federal Minister for Education Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali has said that deciding the matter of fake degrees is the mandate of the Election Commission not the Supreme Court. He was talking to the media persons on Thursday after the Pak-US Dialogue on Education. Its the mandate of the Election Commission not the Supreme Court to decide the matters of fake degrees, he argued that the Returning Officers and Election Commission should have examined the degrees before elections. Why they are not being questioned for allowing the candidates to contest elections and why the entire burden is thrown on the candidates, he asked. He said, We respect the decisions of the judiciary and 99 per cent of the decisions of the courts are being implemented but such matters should not have been decided in the courts. He was of the view that it was purely an electoral matter which should have been decided in the Election Tribunal. He said people had made mistakes by contesting elections on fake degrees but this does not mean that the whole parliament should be dissolved. People are the ultimate decision makers and we should respect the decisions of the people of the country as those who were disqualified on the basis of the degrees have been elected again by the people as members of the parliament. Lets be responsible, as midterm election would create more chaos in the country he added. Regarding the statement of Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Justice Khawaja Sharif, he said we have great respect for the judiciary and we have sacrificed a lot for its independence but the judges should also be more cautious while making statements. Justice Khawaja Sharif a couple of days earlier had remarked that if the PPP had objection to the appointment of Rana Maqbool (former IG Sindh) as Deputy Prosecutor General Punjab it should part ways with the Punjab government and quit the coalition.