A common question in the mind of every Pakistani and Indian is that why does the peace elude us? But it needs two hands to clap and two to shake hands if you have the heart to do it. If one hand was to curl up in a fist, the other has to withdraw in safety. The attitude of the governments ensconced in our two capitals also affects the way our peoples think. If it is reconciliation you seek, you need to open your heart for the other party. Actions often speak louder than words and are also understood better. Keeping in view Indias actions of the past 60 years, our people tend to think Indias objective is domination of the region. Pakistanis, one and all, are convinced that India has never reconciled with division of the subcontinent nor accepted the reality of Pakistan. This assumption is based on all of Indias actions since the Partition. Let me quote a few examples. Though the instrument of accession in the Partition formula provided choice to the princely states to join either country keeping in view desires of their subjects, India took over the Hyderabad state without waiting for its decision. On the other hand, it also annexed Kashmir, a Muslim-majority state. Junagarh and Munawader were also taken by force though they had acceded to Pakistan. Then, in the division of assets of the united India, Pakistans due share was not given. Pakistan survived that crisis but then India attacked Pakistan in 1965. In 1971, India supported the separatists in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and subsequently even invaded that province of Pakistan. Some might say that is bitter history best forgotten but Indian leaders constantly bully Pakistan even now. Every other day they come out with a new accusation and a new demand. Under this constant barrage of hostility, Pakistan has lost confidence in its bigger neighbour and is forever on the defensive. The latest example of aggressive posturing are the anti-Pakistan statements of Indias Home Minister who had been acerbic even during his recent 'goodwill visit to Islamabad to attend the SAARC conference. Such attitudes, naturally, cause brewing of choler which is no good for the peace and development that the two countries seek. As for terrorist activities, it is not a local phenomenon. The whole world is facing it. Pakistan itself is deeply embroiled at present in fighting a war on terror. India, if it is sincere about peace in the region, should help us overcome the problem instead of exacerbating it by establishing such a large number of 'commercial consulates in the little shanty towns of Afghanistan bordering our provinces of Balochistan and Pakhtoonkhwah. -S. MEHMUD, Lahore, July 1.