ISLAMABAD Indian authorities are in a fix after the audacious move on their part to detain the UN cargo ship has proved counterproductive owing to the increasing freight charges that India will have to pay with each passing day. The reports received from the United Nations Headquarters hint the probability of prolonged delay in the release of cargo ship, courtesy Indias adamant stance to skip the liable damages and cargo charges. The UN chartered ship, MV Aegean Glory, was hired by the international organisation from a Colombian shipment company. The UN pays thousands of dollars (the exact amount is not known) to the company as services and freight charges. After the ships detention at Kolkota Port Saturday, the Indian authorities are bound to pay for the charter and freight charges of the ship that are believed to be amounting to $300,000 (till date) and including the liable damages, the same amount presumably exceeds several millions, which certainly is increasing manifolds with every day. The said cargo ship was supposed to clear off Indian territory the same day (Saturday) but it had overstayed for six days at the aforesaid port after the 'vigilant Indian Customs authorities smelled something suspiciously 'fishy in the arms-laden cargo ship of UN peacekeeping forces. With the pressure mounting on India to release the particular ship, the already embarrassed Indian officials, in a bid to have some 'skin saving exercise, are adamant to impose heavy fine or duty to balance the equation in case India is pressurised to pay dues for having kept the ship in unlawful detention exceeding the prescribed timeframe the ship was chartered within. As per established international norms, the UN consignments, goods or peacekeeping troops cannot be subjected to disruption or interference in line of their duties. The UN officials at the Headquarters say that the particular ship carrying the weaponry of Pakistan and Bangladesh, and some vehicles of Nepal, had sought due clearance beforehand from Indias concerned interior and diplomatic officials. India might release the ship in next few days after capturing a significant part of the peacekeeping consignments, particularly Pakistans Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and heavy movable gunship that have a significant usage in the ongoing military operations in Pakistans territory. While Pakistans diplomatic efforts have failed to successfully take up the matter with India, the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO) is not optimistic either, regarding the solution of the problem within due time.