KABUL (AFP) Nato forces in Afghanistan said Thursday they had killed at least 31 Taliban fighters and captured a rebel chieftain after a raid on an insurgent hideout in the southern province of Helmand. Troops called in air support during running gunbattles in the provinces troubled Baghran district which erupted after rebels attacked soldiers moving in on the compound with machine guns and rockets, it said. Natos International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said in a statement that the Taliban chief of Naw Zad, another restive district of Helmand, was injured and detained following the fighting. Afghan and international security forces captured the Taliban district chief of Naw Zad and killed a large number of insurgents during an operation in remote Baghran district in northern Helmand province last night, it said. German army General Josef Blotz, a spokesman for Isaf, said at least 31 insurgents had been killed in the operation. Throughout the four-hour firefight enemy forces attempted to use improvised explosive devices against the security force, he told reporters, referring to homemade bombs regularly used by the Taliban. However Afghan and coalition forces employed precision air fire and suppressed the enemy, adding that a huge arms cache and a quantity of opium had been discovered and destroyed. Troops captured several wounded insurgents following the fighting, Isafs statement said, and no civilian or soldier was hurt. Meanwhile, South Korean civilian workers in Afghanistan have come under rocket attack but no one was hurt, the foreign ministry said Thursday. The attack was launched early Thursday near a construction site in the northern province of Parwan, where South Koreas provincial reconstruction team is to be based, a spokesman told AFP. Two rockets were fired towards the site, while security guards fired back two rockets, he said, adding it was not known who launched the attack. The Souths team, which currently numbers 49 civilian workers and eight police officers, plans to officially launch its aid mission Thursday.