ISLAMABAD Introducing new toll rates, the National Highway Authority (NHA), Thursday (July 1), increased toll rates on the National highway, Motorway network and Kohat Tunnel site. As per the decision, On National Highway Network Car, Jeep, Land Cruiser, Pajero, Tractor without trolley and equivalent will pay Rs 20, while on the Super Highway they will have to pay Rs 25. Wagons up to 24 seats, Coaster, Mini Bus/TMazda would pay Rs 30, while on the Super highway Rs 40 would be charged now. Buses and Coaches, with greater than 25 seats, will pay Rs 65, according to the new toll rates. According to the new rates, 2 Axle and 3 Axle Trucks, Tractor with Trolley will pay Rs 80 and 4/5/6 Axle Trucks (Articulated) will pay Rs 155. Likewise, on the Motorway Network, Cars, Jeeps, Pajeros and equivalent will pay Rs 235 from Lahore to Islamabad, Rs 130 up to Faisalabad, and Rs 345 up to Peshawar. Wagons (up to 12 seats) will pay Rs 325 from Lahore to Islamabad, Rs 195 up to Faisalabad, and Rs 460 up to Peshawar. It was decided that 13-24 seats, Coasters and Mini Buses, Mini Trucks/Tankers, built on T-3500 Mazda, would pay Rs. 455 from Lahore to Chakri, Rs. 275 up to Faisalabad, and Rs. 715 up to Peshawar. Buses up to 50 to 60 seats, including buses greater than 25 seats, will pay Rs 740 from Lahore to Islamabad, Rs 390 up to Faisalabad and Rs 1025 up to Peshawar, according to new rate list. Rigid Trucks, including 2 Axle and 3 Axle Trucks, will pay Rs 910 from Lahore to Islamabad, Rs 480 up to Faisalabad and Rs 1255 up to Peshawar. Articulated Trucks, including articulated vehicles, will pay Rs. 1170 from Lahore to Islamabad, Rs 595 up to Faisalabad and Rs 1745 up to Peshawar, as per the newly introduced rates. It was decided that on the Kohat Tunnel, Cars/Jeeps/Land Cruisers/Pajeros, Tractors without Trolleys and equivalent would pay Rs 40 as Toll Tax, while Wagons/ Hiaces/Flying Coaches would pay Rs 145. Bus/2 Axle Trucks/3 Axle Trucks/Tractor with Trolley will pay Rs. 180 and Articulated Trucks of 4/5/6 Axle will pay Rs 275, the new rate list showed. When contacted, NHA Chairman, Ch Altaf, said that the decision to introduce new toll rates on the national highway/Motorway network had been discussed, thoroughly, in the board meeting held in February, 2010. It was decided to implement new rates in July 1, 2010, the Chairman NHA said. To a question about resentment among transporters on such a decision, the Chairman said that the liability of the NHA is almost touching Rs 7 billion. When Motorway was opened for traffic prices of bitumen was Rs 6000 and now it has increased till Rs 60,000, Altaf said, adding that, in order to manage the cost of maintenance, and other contributory factors, this decision was necessary. Altaf also rushed to point out that trucks were a major source of destruction to roads. Violation is being committed on lay down load by concerned authorities, he said.