MULTAN Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Thursday Pakistan-China agreement for installation of two nuclear reactors was intended to fulfil energy needs and these plants would always be open to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for inspection. Addressing the opening ceremony of a new MCB building and talking to journalists, the Foreign Minister said energy crisis forced Pakistan to ink agreement with China for installation of nuclear reactors. He said the deal was so transparent that no one could point finger at Pakistan. He hoped that Pakistan would soon overcome present energy crisis as three mega projects - Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, Bhasha Dam and Chinese reactors - had been launched for this purpose. It is our diplomatic achievement that weve successfully negotiated transfer of civil nuclear technology agreement with China and gas pipeline project with Iran simultaneously, Qureshi added. He said President Asif Ali Zardari was highly interested in boosting trade ties with China. He disclosed that China was undertaking 120 projects in Pakistan and about 10,000 Chinese engineers were present in the country to complete these projects. Answering a query, he said Afghan Transit Trade Agreement would be finalised in one month under which the trade volume would be boosted to $5 billion from $1.5 billion till 2015. He said an inter-ministerial committee was working on the agreement and 90 percent work had been done. He declared that Pakistan would forge economic cooperation with Afghanistan under which skilled and semi-skilled workforce from Pakistan would go there for the reconstruction of infrastructure. He told the journalists that export of Pakistani mangoes to the US would start within next one and a half months as the MoU would be signed on July 15. Necessary procedures are being finalised and as soon as the process gets accomplished, well start exporting mangoes. He said Multan would become the hub of fruit and vegetable exports after opening of an international airport here. He said Pakistan aimed to get maximum market access to European Union countries. He maintained new markets were being explored in Central Asia and trade would be started with these states via Afghanistan. He said Pakistan would also launch rail service via Iran and Turkey to have an access to European markets. He said President Zardari showed keen interest in the uplift of Pakistan Railways and negotiations were underway with an American company for this purpose. If the agreement is signed, the company will upgrade our engines and carriages, he added. He said the politicians should understand economics and if they failed to do so both the sectors - economy and politics - would face serious decline. He said the economic stability was subject to political stability in the country. Today international powers influence internal and foreign policies of any nation by exerting economic pressure, he further explained. Qureshi said the government was striving hard to bring inflation down to single-digit level. He claimed the investors preferred Pakistan to India as they considered Pakistan a comparatively safer place. To a query, he said that Pakistan would raise the issue of human rights violations by India in Kashmir at a suitable forum, adding that he would also discuss the matter with his Indian counterpart during their upcoming meeting in Islamabad.