ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court on Thursday, whilst accepting the Governments request, disposed of the Federations application filed through its counsel Barrister Kamal Azfar against the objections raised by the Registrar Office in the National Reconciliation Ordinance verdict review petition. A 17-member larger bench of the Supreme Court would resume the hearing of the NRO review petition, along with the 18th Amendment from July 5. Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, last Friday, after hearing the federations counsel Barrister, Kamal Azfar, for two days, in his chamber, had reserved the judgment in the NRO review case. The counsel had told the court that the objectionable paragraphs already had been removed from the review petition. However, in light of the court order, he would file a fresh application in the Supreme Court with the NRO main case, with the request that the appeal may be disposed of, in terms of the undertaking. Barrister Kamal, in pursuance to and continuation of the hearing of the case, had prayed that the order of learned Registrar of the Supreme Court dated 24.03.2010 may kindly be set aside the Amended Review Petition allowed to be entertained, heard and decided on merits in the interest of justice. The registrar office, in March, this year, while rejecting the government NRO review petition, has raised the objections that the Advocate on Record (AOR) has used scandalous language in the review petition. The Supreme Court neglected one of its objections to the NRO review petition, regarding the 65-day late submission of the NRO review petition. According to Barrister Kamal Azfar, he argued before the bench that, under order 33 rule 6 of Supreme Court rule 1980, the apex court has the inherent jurisdiction to neglect any objection. The registrar office further stated that the AOR has mentioned irrelevant grounds and the federation was condemned by the court in the December 16, 2009 judgment, unheard, whereas the AOR and the Advocate Supreme Court Barrister, Kamal Azfar, had represented the federation in the NRO cases. The other grounds on which the registrar office objected were that, the AOR has given a political statement, while defending the case. The federation deleted the objections raised by the registrar office and gave an undertaking to the bench, under his hand, that the federation undertakes to file an application for submission of additional grounds, as mentioned in the Amended Civil Review Petition while deleting the grounds mentioned in the objections raised by Registrar Officer on 24th March, 2010.