ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court decided 17,348 cases during the National Judicial Policy implementation period i.e. from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010. According to a press statement issued here on Thursday, this is a marked increase as compared to the previous year when the SC decided 9,639 cases. It clearly shows that 80% more cases were adjudicated. Similarly, the rate of institution of cases in the Supreme Court has increased tremendously as compared to the previous years. During the period under review, 16,385 fresh cases were instituted as against 12,006 cases in 2008, which is 37% more than the figures of 2008. In addition, during the last one year, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has also decided 17,355 human rights/suo moto cases received by the Human Right Cell of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The judges are working very hard and beyond working hours to achieve the targets set by the National Judicial Policy. Even the decrease in strength from 29 to 18 and taking up cases of important nature like NRO, PCO Judges etc has not affected the rate of disposal of cases.