ISLAMABAD (APP) The Registrar Office of Supreme Court here on Thursday returned a plea seeking formation of a new bench to hear pending plea against the eligibility of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Shahid Orakzai, the petitioner, told APP that Registrar Office cited that formation of fresh bench to hear his plea was sole jurisdiction of Chief Justice of Pakistan, besides, the plea was premature. The petitioner had objected to presence of Justice Nasirul Mulk in the bench and said that he was part of the bench which decided cases in favour of Sharif brothers last year. He requested that a bench comprising Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Mohammad Sair Ali and Justice Tariq Parvez, which had already conducted proceedings on his case in the past, should resume proceedings. A three-member bench headed by Justice Javed Iqbal in his previous proceedings had directed the petitioner to withdraw his pending pleas on the similar subject with the Lahore High Court. While Advocate General Punjab was told not to represent Chief Minister. The bench was hearing Orakzais plea seeking interpretation of Article 223 which placed a bar on dual membership of a candidate leading to disqualification. Orakzai had contended before the bench that the Punjab Chief Minister was not entitled to hold the office as he had vacated PP-10 Rawalpindi seat instead leaving his earlier PP-48 Bhakkar seat from where he had become chief executive of the province. He maintained that Article 223 of the Constitution placed a bar on the dual membership of any candidate elect and a person having succeeded on two seats had to quit first seat within a month. He said under Article 223 (iv), a seat became vacant after success of a contesting candidate on the second seat. Orkazai had argued that Shahbaz Sharif contested against him on the polling day while holding portfolio of the Punjab CM which was against constitutional provisions.