Keeping in view its symbolism, the terrorist attack on the Quaid-i-Azam Residency in Ziarat is, in fact, attack on the ideology of Pakistan. By destroying the historic monument associated with the father of the nation, the terrorists simply give a message to the nation that the enemies of the country are no longer in a mood to accept the very existence this country. Soon after the successful formation of the provincial government in Balochistan, the new wave of terrorisms in the province is extremely worrisome and frustrating for all the Pakistanis. In fact, the phenomenon of terrorism in Balochistan has unique chorology and a specific perspective. Therefore, it should be viewed and treated as such independent of the forms and manifestations of terrorism in other parts of the country.The conspiracy theories regarding the interference in Balochistan by the international power players especially by our neighboring arch-enemy have long been maintained. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also recently made a statement regarding such international conspiracy against Pakistan. In the name of Baloch nationalism, these satanic forces are playing havoc with the peace, prosperity and stability of the province. Regrettably, we have also somehow failed in ending the sense of deprivation among the down-trodden Baloch people which is being exploited by our enemies. So, now, the Balochistan issue demands much care, attention and commitment from us all. Therefore, the time for holding in-camera sessions of parliament telling the involvement of foreign perpetrators of terrorism and such other ambiguous accusations should be over. From the attack on Indian Parliament in 2001 to 2008 Mumbai attack, India has readily blamed Pakistan for all the terrorist activates in India. In this regard, it doesn’t even bother to give any concrete evidence. On the other hand, Pakistan, despite having a lot of evidence of Indian involvement in the affairs of Baluchistan has never even dare to name it. In fact, when it comes to showing some courage on this issue our political leadership go into the sate of acute anxiety. So far, we haven’t made any formal and diplomatic statement or protest in this regard on any forum. Now, government of Pakistan should tackle this issue seriously with a firm resolution and commitment. For this, the oft-stated ‘foreign hand’ must be dealt with iron fist. As matter of fact, it’s more an issue related to the foreign policy of the country rather than that of its internal security policy. MOHSIN RAZA MALIK, Lahore, June 17.