ISLAMABAD  -  Newly-crowned Asian Junior Individual Squash champion Syed Ali Mujtaba Bhukari reached Islamabad Monday morning after winning the prestigious title for the country.In an exclusive interview with The Nation soon after his arrival Ali said attributed his victory to the prayers of the nation and his parents and dedicated the title to the brave people of his country, who despite facing worst kind of terrorism support their sporting heroes wholeheartedly.Ali said: “It was a very hostile crowd who were beating drums chanting the name of Ahmad continuously during the final.” Replying to a query regarding referring, Ali said he couldn’t complain much about the local referees as it was understood they would favour the local lad but I was very upset and can’t absolve our own Pakistani referee Asif Khan who gave too many decisions against him. “When I asked him why he did this to me, he admitted some decisions went against me. The matter of the fact is that Asif was put under enormous pressure by the vocal crowd, which I think forced Asif to melt down under pressure.”Ali said he was down and out against the Kuwait’s Yousif Al-Saleh, who was one game up and leading 10-7 in the second game in the quarterfinals, but I didn’t want to repeat last years agony, when I came second losing the final to fellow Pakistan Danish Atlas Khan. “I bounced back and won the match for my country.The semifinal against Kush Kumar was a very memorable one as I kept the pressure and never lose heart, which gave me victory in 92 minutes. The final was a very classic one as Ahmed was priming with confidence with each game and crowd was the main factor behind his remarkable fight, otherwise I could have won the final with utmost ease and comfort.” The final lasted for 108 minutes.Ali said his victory had proved that Pakistan had great talent and we were no less than any top players of the world but we just lacked proper exposure and proper diet,” he added.He said they were blessed for having the world class coach in the shape of Jamshed Gul, who had transformed all the players into one of the best. “Especially I want to thank him for giving personal attention, which paid dividend for me and I managed to win this title.”Ali also speaks very high about assistant coach M Ikram and termed him very supporting and down to earth, always ready to help players no matter what circumstances are.Ali further said POF Wah Chairman Lt Gen Ahsan Mehmood had promised to give incentives to players who won international event. “I am sure he would honour his promise and announce handsome awards for not only me but also for head coach Gul and assistant coach Ikram.”Ali said organisers didn’t hand over the plate on which the names of the past champions were written. “They asked me why I didn’t bring the trophy with me from Danish Atlas. The ASF has ordered me collect the trophy from Danish and kept with me for next 11 months. I am trying to contact secretary Abdul Wahab Marwat since morning but he is neither responding to my calls nor replying to any of my SMS. I had also tried to contact Danish in this regard but he is also not answering my calls. I am in a fix what to do and what not to do to convey Asian Squash Federation message to federation.”Ali said that he had proved his credentials and expected better response from the federation. “If they are not ready to recognise my services and tried to use same old tactics of buying the time, I would be left with no other option but to join my brother Hamza Bhukari in US, where he is quite settled down. I would take this decision of leaving the country with a very heavy heart, but the federation is forcing me to take this extreme step as I don’t have enough resources to continue bearing heavy expenses to continue playing squash. My father is a retired person and this is the time federation and other multi-nationals and national institutes must lend a helping hand to not only me but also other players. It is my promise we would not let them down and try to win laurels at international circuit,” a confident Ali concluded.