Entrepreneurship is viewed by economists to be a combination of innovation and risk taking. In Pakistan, innovation and risk taking is severely inhibited by the intrusive role of government. People mostly join inherited business or imitate already existing business ideas, but they do not think of bring innovation or creativity, which inhibits the growth of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. In Pakistan ‘government is always right’ policy is used which facilitates a certain lobby of the elite families, instead of the common entrepreneur. In Pakistan, the policies have always been biased and done without much thought. Policies are planned for investors and investments which has rather become the norm. There is lack of institutions for building entrepreneurial society. Organisations depend completely on government for that is why there is a huge lack of technical expertise and skill which is required to start one’s own business. However, creative mindset and people with the innovative skills should not feel reluctant to enter the market. SYEDA UZMA BATOOL, Lahore, June28.