Contrary to what we say, preach and masquerade, the real face of our society keeps lifting the veil off itself; the horrendous features that are to be seen are a damnable indictment of who we really are. Could there be anything worse than when the faithful are meant to go through a phase of spiritual trial while undergoing a rigorous test of emancipating their soul from mundane wishes, anyone who gets an opportunity makes a full-blown rush to make the most of it. Reports in the press about hoarders stashing away the food items in a pre-Ramazan profiteering frenzy embodies the all-pervasive credo that have come to govern our life. Items such as fruits and vegetables have been stored as of now. That this loot and plunder might in the days to come see disappearance of other commodities such as wheat and general food items is a foregone conclusion. This happens in order to cause the prices to go up and it sure works wonders. Where is the common man supposed to go? On his hunt are also the petrol prices, which have once again been raised. Whatever little crumb of hope there is, it is taken away. The effect is a sinister spiral in the inflationary hurricane. A clampdown on black-marketeering and on hoarding or controlling the artificial price hike is no rocket science; what is needed is an operation against suspected places such as ration depots and other secret cells where the market items are usually hoarded. It appears the city district government as usual is caught unawares; it is its duty to keep order and stay in a state of preparedness for the Ramazan.There is not something that the government of the day might have to do from scratch in order to better the lot of the average man but instead if it can keep the market forces under the writ of the law, the relief can be given in true sense of the word. The parasites make profits; the loss to the economy is untold. Entangled in this raging whirlpool is the ordinary breadwinner who while trying to contend with adversity often sinks without a trace.