LAHORE - A teen student ended his life by consuming poisonous pills in a hotel room at Nolakha, police said on Monday. According to the police, a suicidal note found from the site and adding that the lad also called his parents moments before committing suicide.

“I was forced to part with (my beloved) education ,  so I am departing from (your) world... Please bury my calculater, wristwatch and my photos beside me, ” read the note.

Nineteen-year-old Muhammad Yasir recently appeared in the ICom (Part-II) examinations. Poverty forced him to leave his hometown Chichawatni for living, though he wanted to complete Masters in Commerce.

Police investigators said that a month ago, the boy arrived in Lahore and had been hunting for a job.

“He reserved a room in a hotel near the railways station in the Nolakha police precincts late Sunday. In the wee hours of Monday the boy telephoned his parents to tell them that he had consumed poisonous pills to end his life. The family immediately contacted the hotel management,” the police investigators said.

They added that the police rushed to the site after the hotel management informed them about the tragedy. The boy was shifted to a hospital where he passed away. The police moved the body to morgue for autopsy and launched an investigation.

According to his relatives, the decease had a dream of working at a bank. 

Like any other society, we have two choices: either we do something to avert such tragedies, or we keep our eyes shut and burry this story with the dead.