Today Pakistan is a well informed country with a people who know what is going on in their country as well as in the world. They know about drone strikes, TTP’s offer of talks to the government and many other things happenings. It is all due to our flourishing media in the country. Some years back people were aware of a few events around them which they would get from the state-run PTV. Now media has made information available to everyone.Media has become an instructor, informer, reformer, guide and a trend-setter and therefore it should follow strict ethics. The last decade has witnessed a great change in the media policy of the government, due to opening of a lot of private television channels. Lined up with the global trends, the government also introduced new technologies in the media sector in the country resulting in a rapid growth of electronic media in Pakistan. Gradually it has become diverse and many human interest topics, which once were considered taboo, are now being covered. The negative side of this is that Pakistan’s media, which has become an industry, is following its own agenda; the unrestrained news channels are involved in a mad race of breaking news syndrome in order to win the public opinion and popularity instead of delivering correct information to viewers. All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS), Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE), and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) have developed code of ethics which need to be followed. Similarly, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has formulated rules to follow but implementation of these rules is not observed, which shows that Pakistani media is not fully mature.The code of ethics for Pakistan media, which has been formulated by the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, is based on the idea that fair, balance and independent journalism is essential for good governance, effective public administration and bringing genuine democracy and peace in Pakistan. The code recognises that the creation of a tolerant, peaceful and just society depends on the freedom of citizens to have access to responsible journalism, through that media respect principles of pluralism and diversity.In Pakistan all the media stakeholders collectively need to reassess the role of media in society and come up with a collective will for compliance on the code of conduct for journalists of the print and electronic media. These steps will not only bring a positive change in Pakistani society but will also reinforce media itself and bring more institutional credibility.The childhood of Pakistani media is almost over and senior journalists, connected government officials and society as a whole should play their role in making media more vibrant and torchbearer of truthfulness while keeping in the societal norms and traditions.RAJA WAHEED ASHRAF, Lahore, June 19.