ISLAMABAD - Arrival of the dead bodies of two Slovakians mountaineers, who were among 10 mountaineers killed by Taliban in Pakistan, cannot deter six mountaineers from Slovakia who arrived in Pakistan Monday for expedition.

As security forces struggle to arrest the gunmen, who killed as many as 10 foreign mountaineers and trekkers last month on June 23, mountaineers from Slovakia reached Islamabad Monday aiming high to explore mountains in Northern areas of Pakistan. Arrival of mountaineers is being perceived by the Tourism Industry as a good news that was almost fearing death following murder of foreign mountaineers and trekkers.

It was the second group of foreign trekkers that came to Pakistan following Taliban’s brazen attack on foreign trekkers and mountaineers.

Defying terror threats, a six-member team of Slovakian mountaineers arrived in Pakistan in supervision of famous mountaineer Peter Shark. The mountaineers would leave for Gilgit for expedition.

It is important to mention here that Peter Shark, leader of newly arrived team of mountaineers, was well aware of the fact that that two Slovakians were among 10 people killed by unknown terrorists at Nanga Parbat last month. But still, he did not abandon his plan to lead the team to Pakistan despite the fact many of his family members and friends tried to stop him in the wake of killings of mountaineers.

Regardless of the deteriorating law and order situation, K-2, Nanga Parbat and other peaks in Pakistan continue to attract foreign tourists to the country. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Development Corporation, around one million foreigners visited Pakistan.

The climbing season has already started in Pakistan with mountaineers busy attempting to climb up to the 8,000 meters high mountains.

Murder of 10 foreigner mountaineers on June 23 was like a lethal attack on Pakistan’s tourism industry; however, fresh arrival of trekkers and mountaineers is likely to revive the tourism.  The Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP) said it was good fortune for Pakistan that brave mountaineers were coming to THE country even after the gruesome incident.

Officials of Alpine Club said, arrival of six more trekkers and mountaineers in Pakistan was a good sign that more climbers and adventure seekers were heading towards Pakistan for unique as well as adventurous climbing experiences.