SHEIKHUPURA-The streetlights installed in different area of the city have become dysfunctional plunging several union councils into darkness and creating inconvenience for the residents. The residents complained that a large number of streetlights in the remit of the TMA had been out of order for the last several days while the authorities concerned did not bothered to rectify it. It was learnt in a survey conducted by this scribe here on Monday. The streetlights installed on Tariq Road, Khalid Road, Khadim Hussain Road, Civil Quarter Road, Jinnah Park, Iqbal Park, Jehangirabad locality, Muslim Ganj, Jandiala Road, Ghang Road, and Civil Lines have become dysfunctional due to which the area remained in darkness after sunset, causing great inconvenience to the residents. The residents of these areas complained that the out of order streetlights created problem for them while the incidents of street crimes had also increased in the areas. Zahid Malik, a resident of Jinnah Park area complained that the streetlights had become out of order which caused road accidents. He said that after sunset the whole area sank into darkness. The residents demanded the TMA to repair the out of order streetlights on priority basis. They demanded the authorities concerned to put the streetlights system in order. Sikhs Yatrees visit gurdwara: 150 Sikh Yatrees visited the Gurdwara Ourri Sahib in the Aminabad and performed their religious rituals. The Law Enforcement Agency provided them full security. After performing their religious rituals they went to Nankana Sahib.