LAHORE (PR): The Department of Commerce and Bureau of Civil Administration China and China Tibetan Carpet Association has given Lifetime Achievement Award to first Pakistani businessman Akhtar Nazir Khan in recognition of his services for trade development in the handmade carpet industry sector, bringing India, China, Iran and Pakistan closer.

The award was given to him at a ceremony organised by China Tibetan Carpet Association on the eve of 2130 Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition.

This is the second time that Akhtar has been honoured by the Chinese government. He has also been granted honorary citizenship by the mayor of Xining city of Qinghai province. He is the only foreigner and the first Pakistani to receive this honour and to bring pride to our country.

On the occasion of receiving the award, Akhtar Khan underlined the need for the strongest mutual ties between Pakistan and China for progress and prosperity of the people of the two countries. He also invited the governor to visit Pakistan. The governor accepted the invitation and said he would visit Pakistan soon.