This is apropos Sikander Shaheen's investigative report about "Intense Lobbying on for PIA MD Slot" published in your daily dated 28 June. I must certainly appreciate courage of those responsible for this mess in PIA to again offer their services to resurrect the skeleton of an airline, left behind by them after five years of excessive abuse. One of them certainly deserves special mention, because if he can dance, in a seemingly intoxicated state, with a whiskey glass balanced on his head, he can definitely carry the load of the sinking boat of PIA on his shoulders. I am sure that four member team given this task by PM Nawaz, would select a man of integrity, who has moral courage, necessary corporate experience, qualifications and relevant experience, along with necessary political will by this elected government, to take hard decisions necessary for PIA to be readied for takeoff. The massive pilferages in revenues, procurement and mismanagement of Hajj and Umrah flights was a deliberate consequence of irregularities indulged in, by those who were at helm during past eight years. PIA can be restructured and become profitable in time, only if it is rid of the immense rot that dominates its executive corridors. Aircrafts need to be taken on lease, instead of outright purchase. There is an abundance of Pakistani ethnic traffic, which can be regained by PIA, only if proper service and efforts are made by a responsible management, which has no nexus and vested interests with few powerful, politically well connected, corrupt travel agents and middlemen. There is also a need to revisit traffic rights doled out to foreign airlines by strictly following principle of bilateral agreements that govern such deals between airlines registered by individual sovereign nations, keeping national and commercial interests of national airline supreme. MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, June 28.