Cornwall, UK - TG - Postal workers told to ‘man up’ by Cornish residents after refusing to deliver to a seaside cul-de-sac because of attacks from dive-bombing seagulls.

Officials at Royal Mail said postmen have been injured by the swooping birds who dive-bomb and peck at their heads. It is thought the gulls are launching their attacks to protect nests and are being relied by the postal workers’ brightly-coloured uniforms.  Royal Mail has now ruled the gulls are a health and safety risk and have told residents at Liskey Hill Crescent, Perranporth, Cornwall, to collect their letters from a nearby post office. But home owners say they have had to put up with the aggressive seagulls for years and want mail staff to “man up” and start delivering again.

Jackie Bray, 67, who has lived on the crescent for 35 years, said: “I’m waiting for a hip operation and now I have to go to the post office every day to collect my mail.