LAHORE  -  The South Asia Media Partnership-Pakistan in collaboration with PFUJ and PUJ awarded on Monday journalists for their contribution to promoting women and minorities’ rights in electoral process.The award-giving ceremony was presided over by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Secretary General IA Rehman while PFUJ President Perwaiz Shaukat was the chief guest.Eleven journalists were handed ‘Journalist for Human Rights Award 2013. These journalist are; The Nation Reporter Arshad Bhatti, Hussain Kashif, Nousheen Naqvee, Ambreen Fatima, Xari Jalil, Parween Khan, Chashmaan-e-Rabie, Mansoor Mehdi, Abdul Salam Baitab, Mohammad Akram Nasir and Amir Sohail.IA Rehman greeted the journalists and said the strong character of SAP-Pakistan, PFUJ and PUJ was evident in the fact that these organisations never stopped working even under the martial law.SAP-Pakistan Executive Director Muhammad Tahseen said media could be an effective source to highlight the miseries of the downtrodden and can amplify citizen’s voices. He said religion and culture was misused along with patriarchy to limit participation of women in politics. He added that such efforts should be replicated in other cities such as Islamabad and Karachi.Pervaiz Shaukat said these journalists deserve such awards to boost their moral. He said in Pakistan, journalists suffer even though they were the voice of those that were the most deprived and efforts such as this encourage them. Under this idea, SAP-PK has consultations with journalists unions, PFUJ and PUJ, to support and highlight the safe political participation of women and minorities in Election-2013 as voters and candidates. A media campaign was designed to raise these issues in print and electronic media. This was run through various radio programs, voice SMS on mobile phones, networks, stickers, were printed to highlight women and minority participation in democratic process. Journalists for Human Rights Awards 2013 was also announced as part of media campaign to engage journalists for socio-political change and to highlight issues of women and minorities rights and importance of their participation and vote as well as the violence against them in politics.