London - These twins, who will celebrate their first birthday on Tuesday (today), do not have quite as much in common as you would expect.

Though the siblings were only born less than two hours apart, they have different nationalities. Dylan Joseph Fox was born in England, but his younger sister Hannah Rose was born over the border in Scotland.

Their mother Donna Keenan is preparing for their first birthday with special outfits paying homage to the twins’ respective birthplaces.

Miss Keenan, 28, a cafe worker from Wooler, Northumberland, said: ‘I have bought Hannah a tartan dress and Dylan a top with the England lion on. I bought them a load of clothes for their birthday, but they will wear those for their big day.’

Miss Keenan went into labour four weeks early at her partner Joe Fox’s mother’s house. The family were all watching Italy play Spain in the Euro 2012 final at the time. They had no time to get to a hospital, but the speedy arrival of paramedics saw Dylan, weighing 5lb 13oz, safely delivered in his grandparents’ living room.  As the twins were coming prematurely, however, doctors insisted on Donna going to hospital for the second baby’s birth. That meant an hour-long journey across the border into Scotland, to the Borders General Hospital in Melrose.

Hannah then arrived an hour and forty minutes after her brother. Father Joe Fox, 25, said: ‘I’m a football fan so I’m sure there will be some rivalry when they grow up.’ The couple also have a three-year-old daughter, Jessica.