KHAWAR AZIZ - It has been 2 years since we have lost and missed Khalid Aziz as he died on 2nd.july 2011.Game of gentleman “cricket” still remembers one of its glittering stars. As a role model for new generation, his life and cricketing career sum’s up glorious achievement that could be followed in his absence.Being captain of Government College Lahore, his great passion and discipline made him 12th man in the Test match between Pakistan vs England in 1956-57. The following summer he toured England with Pakistan Eaglets and finished 2nd in the batting average with 950 runs only second to great Hanif Muhammad.After retiring from playing cricket in 1974, he had been persuaded by Dr Zafar Altaf, his colleague in Govt College as well as secretary BCCP at that time to start umpiring career. That persuasion paved the way as he stood in his first Test in 1978-79 during Pakistan vs India match in Faisalabad relatively at a young age of 41.He had been on the forefront of teaching cricket laws and conducting refresher courses and to build umpiring infrastructure in Pakistan. He was authority of cricket laws in Pakistan and he was the only author to write a comprehensive book on cricket “How’s that” in English language, published and printed in Pakistan in 2005. Great batsman Zaheer Abbass once commented about Khalid Aziz saying: “If there would not have been element of human error the decisions of Khalid Aziz in the cricket match would have been 100%.” It sum’s up a lot.”Kahlid Aziz was a loving personality and his colleagues, friends, family and ardent fans cherish his memorable life with great joy and pride till now.–The writer is son of umpire Khalid Aziz