These days the press is abuzz with solutions for energy shortage in solar, wind and coal energy conveniently forgetting that these sources do not generate any water. The nation has a blind spot for water which is the basis of all life. Man was created from water as mentioned in the Holy Quran, 65 percent of our body is water which is a miracle. When we speak of a hydro electric dam, it is primarily built for storage of water and electricity is a byproduct of the dam at dirt cheap rate. Unfortunately our planners are only considering a hydro electric dam to be a power generator, but forget its primary purpose of storing water for agricultural purposes, as well as for direct human and livestock use. Engineer Shamsul Mulk has said that we cry for power shortages but when water shortages would hit us we would forget power shortage, he is right and we should pay head to his words.DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, June 28.