I happened to view a debate on a private TV channel in which the subject under discussion was the budget 2014-15. Two guest speakers, sitting on either side of the anchor, were both ill-mannered individuals, who tried to monopolize the debate and gave no chance to the other to speak. It is the duty of the anchor in charge to ensure that only guests that have some modicum of decency are invited. It is important to listen to the opposing point of view as well give your own opinion. Most of these programs have become obnoxious and the common public does not want to watch such shouting matches by politicians. I would like to request all private TV channels to request their speakers, be they in the ruling party or the opposition, to not shout in these shows as now they are seen the world over and we come across as an illiterate, unruly and ill-mannered nation!


Attock, June 10.