LAHORE  - Senior PPP leader, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has described the statement of former DG ISPR, Athar Abbas as inappropriate, unwise and ill-timed.

Athar Abbas claimed the other day that the former Army Chief Kayani was indecisive in launching the military action against the terrorists in FATA due to the fear of backlash of terrorists.

Wattoo said that former DG ISPR should not have given such a statement about the former Army chief, who was also his boss, without going into the veracity of the contents.

He said that his statement had neither boosted the morale of the people of the country nor helped the ongoing military operation in any way against terrorists who had challenged the writ of the State.

Manzoor recalled that Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto in his speech at Larkana raised his powerful voice against terrorists when he said that they were neither Muslims, nor followers of Islam nor Pakistanis because they did not recognise the writ of the State, the Constitution and our way of life.

He further said that now the government, civil society and the political leadership were supporting the military operation which indeed was the vindication of the Chairman’s position taken in this regard right from the beginning.

Wattoo said as per the instructions of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto to help the IDPs the Punjab PPP had set up committees at the district level to collect donations and the divisional co-coordinators had been assigned the task of supervising the collection of donations in the respective five divisions which included Lahore rural division, Lahore City division, Faisalabad division, Gujranwala division and Sahiwal division.

He also appealed to all and sundry in general and the PPP workers and leaders in particular to adopt a family of IDPs to meet its expenses during the month of Ramazan and beyond, adding, that the PPP Secretariat would ensure that donation in kind and cash reached to the adopted families.