BANNU - In the scorching heat when the tribesmen of North Waziristan Agency were queued up outside the Sport Complex Bannu to get ration and some families were running helter-skelter to find refuge, Mastaan Malak, a heavily-mustached man, was taking a ride in his colourful jeep to enjoy 'Mazigaray' (sunset time) in the city.

He was completely unconcerned about the sufferings of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Responding to a question about the sufferings of hundreds and thousands of IDPs who are in misery, Malak said, "Let them enjoy the heat! Hahaha." He said while he was surrounded by his fans just a few yards away from the ration distribution point in Bannu.

Malak does not care what is going on around him. For him only two things are important: his moustaches and his jeep -- both are used to attract fans.

Malak, 65, belongs to the Wazir tribe living in Bannu region. He is famous for his imperial style of moustache which extends out to both sides and expands into a full side beard while the chin is left smooth-shaven.

In the hot June of Bannu, it seems as if Malak is going to take part in 'Movember', an event in November involving the growing of moustaches to raise awareness about man's health. Every day he comes out in his fully decorated jeep with truck art and takes a ride in the city. He welcomes the tribesmen who wish to take picture with him. He always wears 'pakool' (typical cap of tribesmen) over his shaggy hair and keeps a licensed AK-47 with him. "Without my Kalashnikov I am incomplete," he said. He also wears six rings on different fingers with colourful gems. On one hand he wears a wristwatch while on the other hand there is a bangle.

On the back of his decorated jeep there are two flags of Pakistan. The cover of the spare tyre behind the jeep shows the picture of Mastaan Malak and a cobra. His phone number is also written over his picture so that his fans can contact him easily. In the front side of his jeep is written "Mastaan One", which is a secondary number plate. Malak always carries a copy of a foreign newspaper that had carried his story over 'Movember' in 2012. He shows everyone his picture with pride that was taken in UAE. He has spent 40 years of his life in UAE while dealing in automobiles. "I'm a billionaire and now it is high time to enjoy life."

According to the stylish man, he has three wives and is looking for the fourth one but so far he is 'unable to choose one amongst dozens of girls who proposed him.' While talking about his children and grandchildren he said, "They are countless."

After taking photographs with his fans, Malak left for his home, saying, "The IDPs have ruined the peace of the city. I'm leaving for home to have a cup of tea."

Malak does not have any sympathy for the IDPs of North Waziristan or any other people in despair in his surroundings. There are many people having the same feeling like Malak but they don't pour their hearts out, like many politicians in the country who pretend to be well wishers of the tribesmen during the general elections but now when the latter are in trouble, they are out of the scene.