We are lucky to have been blessed with another Ramadan as this is the holiest month for us and we all need to practice restraint, discipline and patience. It is a month when we should leave our bad habits and cultivate better ones. Ramadan is supposed to bring out the best in all of us, but in Pakistan every evil doubles in this month, considering there is an unchecked price hike, impatience, intolerance in the people. Food hoarding and shortage starts and makes life miserable. People are not ready to work and the excuse is that they are fasting!

The attendance in offices becomes casual, people come late and leave early on the ground that they are fasting. Fights breakout and everyone is ready to attack one another. We as a nation should learn to cultivate some patience and resilience. The true spirit of Ramadan is to work more, shun all bad habits and be more energetic and feel healthy and fresh. We as nation must mend our ways and become better human beings if not better Muslims.


Islamabad, June 30.