Recently Afghan officials alleged that Pakistani troops in civilian clothes, conducted an attack in the Kunar province. Pakistan has also been blamed for an attack on Abdullah Abdullah, presidential front-runner, however, Pakistan has strongly rejected these baseless allegations. The National Security Council (NSC), which was chaired by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, said that the foreign agency acted through Lashkar-e-Taiba, and the terrorists were aiming to disrupt the election in Afghanistan.

It is important to mention that Hamid Karzai has been assured by both presidential candidates that they will appoint him as advisor in Afghan Government, but he has different ideas and wants to cling to power by declaring an emergency in the country and holding on for an indefinite time. While Pakistan is sincere in wanting Afghanistan to become a peaceful, stable, and economically prosperous state, Hamid Karzai is involved in power-seeking schemes. Pakistan has stated several times that it has no favourites in Afghanistan and it fully supports peace and reconciliation efforts of the Kabul government. There is a need now for mutual understanding and bilateralism in the Pak-Afghan relations as security and stability of both the countries depends on each other.


Rawalpindi, June 27.