LAHORE - The Board of Governors, Aitchison College, Lahore which met here on Tuesday under the chair of Punjab Governor Ch Mohammad Sarwar approved a merit-based admission policy for the upcoming academic year.

The Board resolutely decided to stick to its merit based criteria and instructed the school management to fill all the available seats as per the merit lists displayed by the College. The Board further decided that there will be no discretion used to fill the seats at any level, instead all the students who passed the exam and fall above the threshold of the available seats shall be admitted.

PMA rejects HC’s claim: Pakistan Medical Association has rejected the Healthcare Commission’s claim of registration of 800 hospitals, terming it bogus and baseless.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the PMA stated PHC’s Gullu Butt was trying to save his lucrative post and presenting wrong figures to the government.

The PMA representative claimed that doctors all over the Punjab were opposing these one-man-made laws despite all threats from the DCO’s, DPO’s and EDO’s. 

As decided by the PMA Central Council, a convention of doctors from all over Punjab would be arranged after Eidul Fitr to discuss and plan the future line of action.