ISLAMABAD - The International Co-operative Day will be celebrated on July 5 with the theme of “Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all”.  In 1994 the United Nations recognized and reaffirmed that cooperatives were vital in the world’s economic, social and cultural development.

The aim of the day is to increase awareness of co-operatives and promote the movement’s successes and ideals of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality, and world peace.  Concern for the community is one of the co-operative movement’s founding values and, as such, the need to sustainably safeguard favourable living conditions for communities underpins all co-operatives’ operations and vision.

Co-operatives around the world celebrate the Day in many different ways such as : 1) The messages of the ICA and United Nations are translated into local languages and widely disseminated , media, and government officials at all levels; 2) The US Overseas Co-operative Development Council has oversees in terms of co-operatives encouraging sustainable development throughout the world; 3) Co-operatives use the media to create awareness on their movements and contributions; Co-operatives partner with community agencies to champion economic, environmental, social and health challenges.