BEIJING - US Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the Iraq war was a serious mistake for which the sufferings continued even today, the Voice of Russia reported.

In an interview with a Chinese news agency, US Secretary of State, John Kerry said he had termed this decision of former President George Bush going for war on Iraq a grave mistake. Even today, the region’s many problems are caused by the Iraq war, the US is trying to address, citing example of President Obama’s pulling out the troops from Iraq, he said.

 The statement of the US Secretary of State has come at a time when Iraq has already suffered an irreparable loss and the country is bleeding in a civil war. Ernest Sultanov, expert at the MIR-Initiative independent think-tank in Moscow, believes that Washington made a wrong choice by endorsing the Maliki government. ‘They chose the wrong managers this time. The Americans were very efficient in choosing the managers for the countries. After the WW II they somehow were dealing with Japan, with the Western Europe, after the breakup of the Soviet Union with Eastern Europe. And this time in the ME they were totally wrong. They were totally wrong in Afghanistan and once again in Iraq.

The situation was deteriorating there from the time of invasion, just because the Americans were misled by their advisors, I think, that time. They were thinking that without Saddam and without the Baath regime they will be able to create in a few years a new system. And actually, they didn’t succeed.

The problem is Maliki himself. I mean, the Americans leaving Iraq, they chose the very wrong person. Before Maliki it was Jaafari, who was a strong Shia person, who could create, maybe not in one year, maybe in few years, a new system based on Shia regime, not very soft, but he could do it. He was dismissed in favour of Maliki, because of the American decision.

And before it, Ayad Allawi, who was a strong Baath-man, the strong person from the ancient regime, he was dismissed as well. And he was able to actually create something valuable and long-term in Iraq,’ he said.

One of these things which we heard was that Masoud Barzani – the President of Kurdistan region in Iraq – he offered to John Kerry that we need to be independent. So, the response in the Arab region, many people asked – who told that we need to be independent. Whether it is Mr. Kerry that told Barzani that we need you to be independent, or did Barzani asked Kerry about independence.

During the Kerry’s visit many things were discussed. In Iraq the main problem now is from the people or from the group of Islamic people which is called the ISIS, meaning Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham. There is a global fighting between them as a group of people and the Iraqi people. Some people say it is a fight between the group of Sunnis, the ISIS and the Shia people of Iraq. So, this is the main problem in Iraq.