All the tube-wells meant for water supply to people have been lying out of ordered and closed for last four consecutive days in Dunyapur Tehsil due to alleged height of slackness of both the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) and District Public Health Engineering Department.

According to detail, the TMA and Public Health Engineering Department had established water supplying tube-wells in Dunyapur congested areas by spending million of rupees several years ago.

Now, these tube-wells have been lying out of ordered and closed for the last four consecutive days. Due to which, local inhabitants have been suffering from great ordeal in getting water in prevailing hot and humid weather.

They have strongly protested against the unavailability of drinking water. They also chanted slogans against the officials concerned of the TMA, demanding immediate rectification of these tube-wells to ensure supply of drinking water to the area.

They said that they had repeatedly brought this situation into the notice of officials concerned of the TMA and Public Health Engineering Department, but no one them, was ready to accept responsibility in this matter.

Local people have become a rolling stone between the offices of the TMA and Public Health Engineering Department for early solution to the burning issue. People have urged the DCO to look into the matter.  Massive power outages vexing people

Unscheduled loadshedding of electricity coupled with a hot weather made lives of people miserable across the district. The power outages continued for more 16 hours a day.

The business centers gave a deserted look, especially those traders, whose business linked with electricity, literally went jobless.

The loadshedding of electricity, especially during night made people pass sleepless nights and due to shortage of sleep, people went irritated and the cases of quarrel have been increased.

There was also a shortage of water as all the water supply schemes are stopped due to loadshedding. Despite the government repeated assurance that the loadshedding would be cut short, no respite has been made to the people.