Religious scholars and social workers have advised people to be extra careful in donating Zakat/charity during the holy month of Ramazan, as various banned outfits disguising as welfare organisations have become active to collect money. “Militant groups receive millions of rupees during the holy month each year and misuse the money to fulfill their designs, such as terrorising people, spreading unrest, and impeding investment in the country instead of helping the poor,” said Mohammad Suhaib, a social worker,

Talking to the media men, he said that Zakat was one of the basic pillars of Islam, which meant to donate money to help the poor and needy. But the militant groups through their charitable arms are taking advantage and collect zakat and donations for their terror activities, he added.

As the holy month of Ramazan began, the terrorist groups under the guise of charitable organisations have become active for grabbing donations, he said. He said that a public awareness campaign should be launched for to educate people to donate money to only genuine organisations after confirming their credentials. “There is a need to educate the people to donate their hard earned money to the right persons or organisations,” he said. The government should publish the names of the banned organisations so that the people don’t give charity to them, he added. Aewer shine social welfare society president Gulzar Ahmed Gondal said that Zakat should be given after verification of the credentials of the people and charitable organisations. He said that Zakat or charity should not be given to the banned organisations as it could be misused.

The government should devise a comprehensive mechanism to monitor the organisations collecting Zakat and donation, and educate the people to donate to only to the deserving people and known organisations, he added.