ISLAMABAD- A Pakistani has been awarded Nobel Peace Prize Certificate for the year 2013 on account of his work with last year’s peace prize winners, the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Muhammad Ali, the General Manager at the Pakistan Ordnance Factories, was awarded the certificate for the year 2013, the same year the peace prize was awarded to OPCW.

Ali had served at the OPCW for seven years as a weapons inspector. He is also the first Pakistani to serve as a chief inspector at OPCW.

Ali is among few OPCW officials who were awarded the certificate.

While compatriot Malala Yousufzai was also nominated for the 2013 peace prize, the Nobel committee eventually awarded the prize to OPCW for its conventions and work defining the use of chemical weapons as taboo under international law at a time when there was mounting evidence of their use in the Syrian conflict.

Since the award, the OPCW has spearheaded an international effort to safely remove declared stockpiles of chemical weapons from Syria. Earlier in June, the organisation announced that the last stocks of declared chemical munitions had been removed from Syria and were being moved for their safe destruction