LAHORE - The Punjab government is violating the constitution by not allowing the IDPs of North Waziristan to enter the province, said the PTI leadership.

Talking to the party leaders and workers here on Tuesday, PTI Punjab president Ijaz Chaudhry and general secretary Dr Yasmin Rashid said that the constitution gives right to each Pakistani citizen of free movement, but the provincial government is denying this right to the IDPs. They claimed that the provincial rulers were playing a hypocritical role by saying that they were most concerned about the IDPs, but at the same time the government has closed its doors.

The PTI leaders demanded the Punjab government for giving directives to the authorities concerned to lift the embargo on the IDPs entry into the province. They said that despite the tall claims of the government for limiting the loadshedding to five hours, more than 18-hour and 14-hour loadshedding was underway even in Ramazan in rural and urban areas respectively. At the same time, food items and other essential items prices’ have gone sky-high from the first Ramazan. They said, “It seems that Satan is chained but Jinn of soaring prices let on loose.”