ISLAMABAD- Information Minister Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said terrorism has become an international issue where the whole world is confronted by this menace.

According to Rasheed, terrorist groups find their roots in the Afghanistan war where they were involved in terrorist activities for their personal gain.

He added that Pakistan faced colossal sacrifices for the war on terror in which USD 130 billion have been wasted so far.

The Minister remarked that the military operation launched in North Waziristan was meant to break the armed wings of terrorist groups while it would take time to dismantle their ideological branches scattered throughout the country.

The government, he informed, is taking solid steps to address the hardships of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) with Rs 40,000 currently being provided to each family of the IDPs for the month of Ramzan.

Rasheed continued with the claim that Pakistan believes in a policy of non-interference in the matters of other countries; he voiced a hope that other countries follow the same policy.