The whole nation must stand united to support the government and our armed forces in their war against terrorists, who have inflicted more damage in terms of precious human life, massive economic deficit, and loss of international credibility than any declared war against known external enemies. This is a battle for Pakistan to eliminate all private armed militias, who threaten the writ of state. We should not allow any group, be they backed by political parties or religious organizations, to enforce their writ through intimidation and use of force. It is time that Pakistan returned to its roots and old beliefs and diligently followed the vision of our Quaid to make the country a truly democratic welfare state, whose government is answerable to its people and where all institutions work within the ambit of the 1973 Constitution. To stand as one against the onslaught of enemies of the state all around us, we must be strong as this is all the defense we have.


Lahore, June 25.