In the 2012 general election, a female candidate from Bajaur Agency appeared in political arena and get wide rang response. Though Badam Zari is less educated but has zeal to challenge male domination in politics. The participation of female candidate in parliamentary politics is not amazing in rest of Pakistan but keeping in view the tribal belt culture, social norms, lack of education facilities etc, it’s very astonishing. 

Many people raised eyebrow on Badam Zari bold step and sense a disgrace but those who have desire to change the situation for a bright future, consider it a milestone in FATA female history. Among the criticism and admire Badam Zari contested. Here the credit not only goes to Badam Zari but her moderate husband Sultan Muhammad permission is too to be glad about. 

The national and international media once again repeated Bajaur Agency in connection of on his daughter Nazia Perveen, who nominated for an international event of rock climbing. 


Bajaur Agency, June 1.