According to media reports, on May 31, in Quetta, Balochistan, unknown armed men intruded in house and finding a 19 year old women alone beat her severely, set her on fire and threw her in ditch. Her condition is serious. The reason; she refused to be married against her will. In another incident a girl in Mithi, Sindh killed her sister and seriously wounded her other family members for the similar reason that she was being married against her consent. If a survey is conducted, 90 or even higher per cent of victims of forced and child marriages suffer perpetual slavery.

This environment has been created and sustained by ignorant and clever mullahs who have infiltrated Council of Islamic Ideology. The recent gem of wisdom from the “learned” clerics from CII runs like this “women can be beaten lightly for committing mistake”. Thousands of girls and women become victims of worst kind of violence triggered by the utterances of the mullahs. Faithful men impressed with the “saintly “statements of the top cleric pick up anything they find to attack fragile and submissive women. Would sages setting in Islamic Ideological council answer my simple questions? Are man and women equal? Can men also commit mistakes? Hopefully Maulanas answer would be affirmative and if men can also commit mistakes, the pretentious advisory entity can issue the verdict of same kind and give right to the women also to beat men who commit mistakes. If CII continues with its traditional path and did practice ijthaad, the violence against women would continue and our society would will not produce innovative, creative, men and women to survive economically in this ever rapidly changing world because violence against women disturbs entire family life and produces brutal and harassed society. And violence-free homes create a peaceful and prosperous society


Johi, June 2.