It is really painful to mention that cancer has been abruptly increased in Turbat city where several people have been diagnosed . Everyone knows that cancer is a very precarious disease which kills people in a short span of time. Turbat, as being the second biggest city of Balochistan where unfortunately we cannot find a single cancer hospital for the treatment of this dangerous disease. The patients are desperate and dying because of not being treated by doctors as there is no cancer hospital. In fact, if the rich suffer from such kind of a disease, then they can afford to go to other cities like Karachi for treatment but the poor cannot afford to go out of the city. These people do not even have proper three times meal a day then how can they think to leave Turbat for treatment. It is impossible for the poor people.

So, it is my humble request to the government of Balochistan to establish cancer hospitals in the city in order to save the lives of poor people in Balochistan.


Turbat, June 13.