Koh-i-murad is popular shrine which is located in Turbat. It is an holy place for Zikries where they come to offer their prayers. Every 27th of Ramdan all zikries get together for Ziarat of this holy shrine. It is a very ancient adytum that there are millions of Zikries who are living in Pakistan. Zigri people always come in Koh-i-murad but mostly they come on 27th of Ramadan. They come from different areas of Pakistan such as Mahkuran Baluchistan, Sindh, Karachi also the out of Pakistan people come for prayers like, Iran, Bahrain, Masqat, Dubai. They come here for polgrimize who worship and want to pray to Allah the Almighty. They spend their all nights for worshipping the holy places. They do chogan and it is a rite and a very famous religious tridation. 

It painful to say that they facing bundles of problems, no water that before there was water because of Dam now it does not caintain water at all. The electricity is the second problem that they facing in this hot weather in ziarat.bAt last, I would like to request to the CM of Baluchistan to look over the serious issue and think about it. 


Turbat, June 9.