It has been 5 months that retired NBP employees’ pension case is being delayed. The old bones have been fighting the legal battle for their basic rights for years now yet there is no hope of this case being heard and solved anytime soon. Its pity that there is no one available to listen to the hue and cries of NBP pensioners. The retired employees of HBL, NBP and UBL have suffered immensely due to grotesque pension policies of the banks after privatization in early 2000s.  

On one hand the executives of the banks are getting paid in millions while on the other hand the employees retired get a meager amount of 8000 as pension. The President of Pakistan and apex courts agreed on restoring the 70 pc pension formula for the bank employees yet the case is in line to be heard in the supreme court. It is my request to Chief Justice Pakistan to give relief to the 80 years old retired fighters by giving a final verdict of restoring 70 pc pension formula as soon as possible. 


Lahore, June 10.