KARACHI - Minister for Local Bodies Saeed Ghani said that not only Karachi but the entire country is facing water shortage.

In a statement issued on Monday, the provincial minister while responding to accusations leveled against Sindh government during MQM-P protest for water shortage in the city said that even MQM-P knows that the country is facing water shortage.        

“If MQM-P has sympathy for the masses then it should have raised its voice against rising inflation, increase in prices of gas, petrol and electricity by the federal government, which the party is part of,” he said.

Ghani said that they voted the anti-people budget to acquire a ministry and such protest are aimed at diverting attention from it.

He further blamed that the MQM-P workers who are part of the water board were involved in hindering water supply in the city. “We will not tolerate it and take strict action against them,” he said adding that the party was responsible for current state of local bodies departments in the city.

He said that instead of criticizing Sindh government, MQM-P should play its role in releasing funds for K-IV project from federal government.